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Saturday, December 25, 2010



Choose the dog with the right personality to match your lifestyle.

Did you know that 1/3 of dogs acquired by people are voluntarily given up to shelters, euthanized, or simply abondoned. This is because people get a dog before they research the particular breed that best suits them and their family. If you have a sedentary lifestyle you are best suited for a breed that isn't active. On the other hand, if you are active don't choose a breed that is not. Makes sense doesn't it?

Check on things like the breed's energy level, exercise requirements, playfulness, friendliness toward other dogs, strangers, other pets.

What is your climate? Get a dog suited to your area. If you live in a warm climate, don't get a dog suited to a cold climate and vice versa.

What is the dog's form and function, history and upkeep? Some dogs shed more than others. If you have allergies, this may be an important consideration!

Finally, did you know that 50% of people who give their dog to a shelter go on to get another dog. Over 90% choose a different breed and over 90% seem to be successful matches.

Shelter dogs make some of the best pets so be sure to check out your local shelter(s); you may find your best friend!  Also, with a mixed breed dog, look for the dominant breed characteristic, for example, this particular dog looks more like a "Golden Retriever" or a "German Shepherd Dog", etc.  Alternatively, you can have genetic analysis conducted to determine the dominant breed(s) in your mixed breed dog.  I once worked with a client who had a genetic analysis conducted on one of  their dogs that appeared to be mainly Husky.  The analysis concluded that the dog was 50% Greyhound.  Who would have thouught!

Go to your local pet/book store and look through some dog encyclopedias. These books contain valuable information and insight into many different breeds.

And most importantly, DO YOUR RESEARCH

(Excerpts from "Why Does My Dog Act That Way" by Stanley Coren, 2006)

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